Nathan Fitzsimmons

Designer and Developer in Portland, Maine

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Designer & developer. Craft beer lover, father of four, husband and avid fan of the Oxford comma.

I also pretend to be a photographer on Instagram.

We’ve hired Nathan for multiple projects over the past six months and have been extremely pleased with his ability to adapt to our complicated template structure and his ability to deliver exceptional work in a timely manner.
Grant Swertfeger
Nathan has done an amazing job during my time with him at His attention to detail and keeping the users happy is always a high priority, and shows in his work. In addition to his strong development skills, he also worked closely with product to pitch innovative ideas and offer constructive feedback. He also collaborated with co-workers to establish conventions, principles and patterns. Would definitely enjoy working with Nathan again.
Andy Hao
Nathan embodies the Epictetus quote ‘We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.’ When Nathan begins speaking, he asks all the right questions and digs deep. His attention to detail leads to shipping world class products. Nathan is also an advocate for the user, making sure whatever we built would be a net gain for the end user. Nathan shows up, makes it better, does the work, smiles, then on to the next thing.
Jordan Dodds
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