Gatorade | Made in New York ft. Derek Jeter by Gatorade

There have definitely been worse covers.

Outstanding skills.




my faith in the world is just a little bit restored


Maybe people aren’t so bad after all.

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“That’s what happens in gun-free zones,” he told WND. “They actually should be called victim-enrichment zones because that’s what they are. If anyone wants to commit a crime with impunity, take your gun where there are no guns. You can do what you want, get in and get out and there’s nobody to stop you.

“If you notice where most of the so-called mass shootings are happening, they’re in gun-free zones,” Henry continued. “You don’t see them at gun shows or at gun stores. You don’t see people walk in there and start shooting. They’re not going to do it because they know everybody in there is armed.”

Target’s gun ban backfires: Here come the robbers

Seriously, something’s in the water. People are batshit crazy.

People are shot in gun-free zones when guns are brought into them and those guns are fired at people. People are also shot in gun-allowed zones when guns are brought into them and those guns are fired at people. People are not shot in any zone when guns are not brought into those zones and therefore cannot be fired at people.

Gun company execs must be having an absolute blast these days. They’ve shifted the discussion to where people should be allowed carry the death they peddle and away from why in the world they’re allowed to mass distribute the death in the first place. Against any sort of logic, they’ve convinced a growing number of people that the solution to the problem is the problem itself.

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." And dammit, other peoples’ fear mongering is starting to freak me the hell out.

“As it has done in every other city in which it operates, defendant has simply waltzed into New York and set up shop while defying every law passed whose very purpose is to protect the People of the State of New York," today’s order says. "Despite being warned and told to cease and desist by three separate regulatory and enforcement agencies, defendant has thumbed its nose at the law and continued with its plan to launch in what could become its largest market.”

Lyft hit with restraining orders from NY attorney general, Taxi Commission | The Verge

"Growth hacking" doesn’t work as well in the offline world where regulation actually exists.








Monster creature fished(by fished I mean, shot with an arrow) out of New Jersey’s waters.

This unidentified creature is thought to be a sea lamprey. It has thick bloody lips that sorround jagged sharp teeth. Sea Lamprey usually tend to up around 3ft long, so either this creature is a very large specimen or something different all together.

No matter what it is, nothing good comes from New Jersey.

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this is the New Jersey bullshit I be talmbout.


fuck thaht

*Set’s boat on fire*

*Godzilla “nope” GIF here*

If this is a real image then we need to firebomb New Jersey before those things spread.

Making plans to not go to NJ soon.

“Interesting inside joke… we used to tell potential users that the image was an “air vent” to keep the window cool. It usually got a chuckle, and made the mark much more memorable.”

Norm Cox from Who Designed the Hamburger Icon?

For the record, I like “air vent menu” better than “hamburger menu”.


Oh my GOD. 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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This is in line with some of my thoughts in a Medium draft I’ve had for a month, “Hire the Wrong People,” in which I offer my observations about why the team works so well together when it sometimes seems like it shouldn’t.


Teddy Wayne:

Perhaps the real problem, Professor Martin suggested, isn’t our rage but our rashness, and its relationship to our easily accessible devices.

“The Internet exacerbates impulse-control problems,” he said. “You get mad, and you can tell the world about it in moments before you’ve had a chance to calm down and think things through.”

What a load of horseshit! I just read this article and I never fucking do this.